Friday, 2 September 2011

Torigata residence 鳥潟会館

Hanaoka is also home of a rather grand house that is open to the public - the Torigata residence.  It's relatively new, being built in1936 but has recently been designated a prefectural level tangible cultural property. According to the woman showing us around the residence used to belong to one of the Torigata family who was an eminent  Kyoto doctor and academic. If I understood correctly,  the Torigata family have been in Hanaoka  / Odate for hundreds of years.
It's very pleasant and extremely well maintained.  It's a pity it didn't have the option for sitting looking out on the garden with a cup of tea.  I guess the visitor stream doesn't justify it.
hand made glass doors overlooking a traditional Kyoto garden

Autolocking windows - see the groove and the peg that slots down into it.

Non slip bathroom - it was considered a model of
elevated hygiene standards at the time.

A rounded corner cupboard

detailed wooden roof

The garden with stones from various parts of Japan 

Old style cooking and heating.

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