Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Rikuzen Takata (8) working in Hirota

 Hirota - which I have marked on the map here - is still in Rikuzen Takata local govt. area but about 8 km away from the principle settlement. It seemed that places further from the town centre, had more clean up remaining to be done.
Buses of volunteers lined up - looking inland from the tsunami wall.
Much clearing of rubble still to be done

Piles of rubble. We  cleared some but not all of this

Still quite a lot of major debris - concrete blocks, electric poles,
timber and cars. The house will  presumably be razed.

The tsunami wall offered little protection

One of three electric poles that our group moved - ably co-ordinated by
my Spanish and American classmates.  The man whose land
it was was very appreciative to have them gone after so long.
We also re-set some stones that were memorials of ... not quite sure what...
but according to the man they were very old.  If my classmates have photos
I'll paste them later.
Looking better ne!  Admittedly this is the other side of the road
but we did a fair bit of pick work here as well.


Lily said...

phenomenal work.

Cecilia said...

The before & afters are pretty impressive. It takes more than one group and one day to restore even a small piece of land.