Friday, 2 September 2011

Gono line: Noshiro 五能線、秋田県、能代市

We stopped briefly in Noshiro before taking the through train further north.
The rustic looking Gono line train

Noshiro man hole covers

Storm water drain cover in Noshiro

The main street looks rather forlorn, but given that it's 7am
it's not a fair assessment.

Once upon a a time Noshiro was a thriving industrial port city.
With the mines closed, the timber industry lagging and much less
need for it as a port, it's seen better days.  It was too early to
see if we could dine at the House of Kaneyu, but it remains an impressive building.

The House of Kaneyu.

Up the coast

And a bit further

Vegetables and rice meet the sea along the Japan Sea Coast.

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