Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Rikuzen Takata (9) Work at Otomo

On Sunday our task was in Otomo,  Rikuzen Takata, a small settlement on the flat land away from the main town, at the land end of the Hirota Peninsula.  The tsunami apparently struck from both sides.   Our task was to dig an irrigation canal that  had filled in with soil, concrete and asphalt and other debris during the tsunami.
In soil like this the digging shouldn't be hard, but there was so much debris in it that it was actually difficult work - many slabs that easily weighed more than 10kg (not a heavy weight but more difficult to dig out when buried deep in clay soil.)  Removing the big chunks made it difficult to keep the channel the right width.
The field was near to two schools, an elementary school on
the left, a JHS on the right.

Plenty more to go.

An electric pole buried.  Another girl and I did most of the workd to
uncover this.  Unfortunately we had to knock off early (the rules
changed because it was hot...) and didn't get it fully uncovered
or removed.
smaller debris that had been collected by an earlier group 

Objects intact left neatly and respectfully by the roadside

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