Friday, 2 September 2011

Gono line: to Goshogawara and home. 五能線、青森県、五所川原

From Fukaura we opted to pay the 500 yen reservation fee and use Shirakami Resort liner - which runs three times a day - to go to Goshogawara.  There is a standing nebuta museum there which Hiro's parents wanted to show me. The highlight of the building was the view from the top floor - Mount Iwaki was being uncharacteristically agreeable and was not hidden by clouds. Most times I have been to Hirosaki I've not been able to see it, even though it's on the outskirts of the town.

We took a regular train back from Goshogawara to Hirosaki and changed for a train to Odate.  A loooong day but very scenic.    For anyone using seishun 18, unless you want to go straight through without stopping, it may not be worth using a day's pass.  At any rate, study the timetable carefully!

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