Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Customer relations: compare and contrast

Today, being a nominal day off, I had admin & housekeeping things to do:  making sure students had made their shared google documents properly, translate my CV into Japanese... ouch,  give feedback on research projects, make tomorrow's breakfast (curry) since I'll leave before 7 for work tomorrow, reply to student emails that accumulate more quickly than they can be answered, and get tomorrow's classes (4 totally different subjects on 2 campuses that are an hour apart)....

So it was a lucky timing for needing to be at home to wait for my replacement credit card to arrive from Aus.
Well... compare & contrast....

Aus credit card arrives by DHL.  I'd rung the bank in Aus. to check it had been sent out since I was getting a countdown from Skype.  They said they'd put it in the mail.  I ring to activate it. Done. No problem.  I get off the phone, look at the card and the new card expires this month...    "Oh yeah... that's no good... we'll send you out a new one..."   Yeah... thanks maaaaaaaate. That'd be great. I hope that my skype credit lasts the distance and I don't need to call you back...  I wonder if ANZ does Facetime?

Compare & contrast
Hiro's mother rang to say she'd  sent a parcel that would arrive after 6; she'd made kiritampo (Akita's specialty hotpot) and sent it down for me to assemble since Thursday is my busy day at work.
I'm overseeing interviews for a friend between 6 & 8. I rang the call centre of Yamato deliveries gave them my name and address and explained the problem. I didn't have the parcel number, because I didn't want Hiro's mother to feel as though she'd caused difficulties...  They said no problem and they'd track it down & get in touch.   The local office called 40 mins later and said they didn't have it yet, but they would call when it arrived.  It arrived at their depot while I was on the phone to them and they delivered it within the hour.
How good is that.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Streamers in Shinjuku Chuo Koen

 The other day on an afternoon wander I had the good fortune to stumble across streamers hung through Shinjuku Chuo Park. They were hung to co-incide with a jazz festival / beer garden held through the summer.  Fortunately for the jazz festival, dengue fever was found in the park after the event had finished.

Tokyo Metropolitan Govt. Building
Shinjuku Chuo Koen looking towards the Cocoon & the station

Thursday, 18 September 2014

I'm not prejudiced but...

cheese does not belong in ramen!
Ramen shop in Iidabashi

Monday, 15 September 2014

Happy Respect for the Aged Day

Google Japan is celebrating with their picture of the day.