Sunday, 29 March 2015

Hanami 3: Yanaka cemetery spot the difference.

Yanaka cemetery sakura 2015

Yanaka cemetery sakura 2010

answer to follow

Hanami 2

Hanami is associated with sakura, but there are so many flowers out...and they tend to get overlooked in the midst of sakura excitement.
I can really understand why people get excited about springtime.
Last week in Ochanomizu

Daffodils near Ochanomizu

Local flowers... that I forget the name of..

Chrysanthemum of somesort

Near Ochanomizu

Local Sakura today
Local Sakura

Ueno Park sakura

Hanami 1 Kanda Myojin

By a stroke of immense good fortune (as opposed to good planning) we stumbled  upon the garden at Kanda Myojin today. I haven't been there in sakura season & it's a hidden gem. 
Downstairs ... a very ordinary carpark and vending machine / smoking area.
Upstairs you can hardly imagine you're
10 mins walk from the bustle of Akihabara.

Unlike a lot of hanami places, it's not mono species.
The various japonica, peaches etc make it
a colourful delight.

A particularly striking peach.

Pathways through the garden

Not Kanda myojin, but perhaps Suwa Temple
- I didn't' note the name but it's between Nishi Nippori
and Nippori along the train tracks.

Kanda Myojin is one of Tokyo's most famous. There are some very good websites dedicated to it. This is arguably the best:

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Japan Prefecture Quiz

At the moment I'm preparing materials for the coming semester. I'm taking CLIL (content language integrated learning) type classes including one that's focused on tourism in Japan.  Lesson one - to get into the groove... do they know where Japan's prefectures actually are.  And what is something "famous" about each prefecture. And, how many have they been to.  I have no difficulty identifying the locations of the 47 prefecures, but I have been to only slightly over half*: 

1) Hokkaido, 2) Aomori 3) Iwate, 4)Miyagi, 5) Akita, 6)Yamagata, 7)Fukushima (note it's a very large prefecture, much bigger than a nuclear plant) 8) Ibaragi, 9)Tochigi, 10)Gunma, 11)Saitama, 12) Chiba, 13) Tokyo, 14) Kanagawa, 15) Niigata, 16)Toyama, 17. Ishikawa, 19) Yamanashi, 20) Nagano, 21) Gifu, 22) Shizuoka, 23)Aichi, 25) Shiga, 26) Kyoto, 28) Hyogo, 29)Nara, 34, Hiroshima.

Which means I still haven't been to
18) Fukui, 24) Mie,  27) Osaka, 30)Wakayama, 31)Shimane, 32) Tottori, 33 Okayama, 35) Yamaguchi, 36 Tokushima, 37 Kagawa, 38) Ehime, 39)Kochi, 40.)Fukuoka, 41) Saga, 42) Nagasaki, 43) Kumamoto, 44)Oita, 45) Miyazaki, 46.) Kagoshima, 47). Okinawa.

*Going to means going somewhere there walking around, not just passing through on the train. 
At the moment, the political situation in Okinawa is very interesting... very tense. I think that's the highest priority of the places I have yet to visit.