Thursday, 1 September 2011

Mamorogawa to Akita

From Mamorogawa I took a train to Akita City and changed for Odate, arriving at 10pm.  It was a loooong day of travel, and less efficient than the Japan Sea Side route but I took the Yonesaka line for the first time which made it worth the extra time. 

This amused me just for the fact that yokubAri means
glutton in Japanese.

Akita station signboards for a Korean drama that is filmed there.

Akita station is one of the few places left that seem to sell
photo postcards. I saw some in Aomori as well but they were
indecently expensive.

A map of the Akita station area - the area has spruced up quite a bit.
JR East is investing money into the Shinkansen stations -
Yamagata, Shinjo, Akita all look good (Yamagata a little less so).
There is an international university in Akita that is presumably
a factor in the excellent English signage around the station.

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