Saturday, 3 September 2011

Rice field "tanbo" art

Since Heisei 5 - or 1993 in the Gregorian calendar - Inakadate (田舎館)has made effort to invigorate community spirit and the local economy by tanbo art - art in the ricefield made by planting different coloured rice to make picutures and patterns. This year's pattern is Taketori Monogatari, or the Bamboo Cutter's daughter.
Inakadate's local govt building, no doubt inspired by Hirosaki castle.
The 6 floor tower is a perfect vantage point for viewing the tanbo art.

The Kaguya hime + "Ganbarou Nippon" - try your hardest Japan -
the national motto since the earthquake.

The bamboo cutter + think about other people...
hmmm yes... maybe that could be sent to some national politicians...
more on that later perhaps.

White rice

Purple rice

Orange rice (I think)

Yellow rice

Green rice

And a foot onsen next door, thanks to the generousity of the
Japan Racing Association. 

Previous tanbo art showing the progress from planting to harvest.
Tanbo is also spelt tambo - tanbo art / tambo art.

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