Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Rikuzen Takata (7) what we did Fri

On Friday the group was smaller as most had returned to Tokyo. Seven of us remained and we were sent to a different branch of the same company we went to on the Tues to help clean up rusted goods.   It was painstaking work. Work was divided into men's work and women's work..... (grrrr)... but we probably got the better deal.  We spent the day scrubbing rust from brackets that were dipped in solvent.  The men's work was scrubbing bigger things with no solvent...

From inside the factory - the ocean in the background - it used to have walls...

Lilian and Risa at work

Looking out across the valley.

The water came to the roof and took the walls with it.

Across the valley - north of the main settlement of Rikuzen Takata.

Nothing to do with the tsunami really... but I thought it
was quite beautiful - a spider at the factory.

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