Thursday, 1 September 2011

Mamurogawa 山形県、真室川

From Shinjo there was a train that went a few stations north, terminating at Mamurogawa.  I decided to jump on it rather than wait in Shinjo for the train to Akita.    The risk of not getting a seat for the two hour journey was worth the opportunity to take a look at somewhere different.  Most people  in Yamagata I imagine have never heard of Mamurogawa. It's  a little town with a big river, a park and a few shops and a couple of hundred or less houses.  I bought some delicious sumomo  - plums - at the station which kept me happy till Akita.

The Mamurogawa park

Onsen nearby would make it a potential place to stop off overnight-
4.5 km would be a bit of a hike in winter snow though.

Presumably a cattle farm, though I'm not sure what makes it
special enough to get a sign in the town.

A look out in the Mamurogawa park

A map of sights  in the local area for anyone interested in visiting.
Don't miss the bus!

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