Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The road much less travelled - Tehaizaka

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 Within Happo village, just north of Noshiro, lies the deserted settlement of Tehaizaka.  It is a small cluster of houses built in the late Edo, early Meiji era.  The oldest remaining house is 160 years. The village was in someway like the gassho zukukuri villages of Gokkayama  no pictched rooves, but quaint thatched rooves on big homes surrounded by picturesque fields.  Unlike the villages in Gokkayama, there are no people here; the rooves are not maintained.  One house was a pile of ruins, a half filled soy bottle without a label lying among the ruins... A melancholy quiet hung over the village, it seemed symbolic of much of rural Tohoku.
The village is famed, at least locally for its peach blossoms, which are another couple of weeks a way from blooming. I found  a website that talks about the peach blossoms & has some pictures of them blooming and gives more detail about Tehaizaka.

Welcome to the deserted village of Tehaizaka


Well maintained fields, the rice planting season starts soon in this area
Folorn looking houses, that would have once been quite grand

A sign with a floor plan of the house - 160 years old

  One of the famed peaches

A trip during peach blossom season:

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