Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Niigata to Odate

As we left relatively balmy Niigata into Yamagata prefecture the temperature dipped sharply. Along the road there are temperature indicators - perhaps to alert to ice? I am not really sure though- it reached 8 degrees. Cold for mid afternoon on a May day. The single lane expressway most of the way to Odate meant slower traveling times than usual.
Hiro has a nostalgia for the the Yamagata seaside. His uni had a campus in Tsuruoka and has fond memories of the years spent living on the strip between the mountains and see.  We stopped off on the coast briefly before the final leg to Odate.  A shower of cold rain had us stop to put on rain gear and we made it to Odate by 6.30 or so. Hiro's mother had dinner waiting.
Rice fields ready for planting in Niigata

The coast near Tsuruoka

A rather concrete coastline

Helicopter rides  at the michi no eki (farmers market crossed with
service centre).  I was tempted to negotiate a price for taking us and the bike
straight to Odate... 

Looking south from the Michi no eki

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Lily said...

I love that coast too, it is stirringly moody. I understand Hiro's affection for that area, I remember it as being friendly and charming.
so nazukashii....:)