Friday, 24 September 2010

Gassho zukuri houses Ainokura

From Kanazawa we headed back into Toyama prefecture on our way to Gifu. Both Toyama and Gifu are home to the UNESCO listed gassho-zukuri  (steep thatched roof wooden) houses.  We knew where  the gassho zukuri villages were, but beyond that we didn't know much - I was interested to stay in one, but we didn't have information to book it... The tourist office in Kanazawa told us they deal with Ishikawa prefecture, not Toyama, and the michi no eki (farmers market meets souvenir shop) that we passed also had no accommodation information. It was pretty poor planning on our part as it's a courtesy when staying at minshuku (B&B type accommodation) to ring the day before, or at least in the morning. 
Driving on windy roads and through tunnels that removed the need for winding, we passed a sign for Ainokura village, where we spent the night.

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