Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Shingo - the tomb of Jesus

According to the people who propagate the theory, there has been a great big cover up. They say that in Jesus' lost years he came to Japan and studied under a Shinto priest on the Japan seaside.  When he returned to the Middle East, people didn't like his teachings so they tried to kill him, but actually he escaped back to Japan and his brother was killed instead....
This blog  explains the whole place very thoroughly and systematically debunks the evidence for the site being genuine eg the document they have there, written in Chinese lettering that didn't make it to Japan till around AD600  is signed Jesus Christ Christmas God.... hmmm.

It's an interesting article and gives some explanation for motivations to concoct the story.  I wonder about the date 1935 though. It the time when fascist Japan was looking to distinguish itself from the rest of Asia, to justify pursuing aggressive imperial policy. I wonder if that comes into the background of it at all..

A road sign - the tomb of Christ
The story

A plaque from the Israeli embassy ...(a much better picture is on
the afore mentioned blog)

The alleged grave of Jesus

The grave of Jesus and a memorial for his brother

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