Saturday, 14 May 2011

An upside of power savings? Please do it again

With the rise of setsuden  - power savings - making roped off escalators a ubiquitous site,  there is hope for an unintended spin off.  In recent years carrying trolley bags has become very fashionable - among a certain demographic of young, fashionable females (at least younger and more fashionable than I am).  They are used kind of like a big handbag I guess - I often wonder what is in them... 
As the "please do it again" manners series suggests they can be a right pain - and they often are.
Here's hoping to unintended benefits of power reductions!

A very common sight

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Anonymous said...

I broke out in laughter at the picture..."please do it again" have had our own set of "Japanese English" issues lately...not between Masaaki and I but US and other Japanese! Seems as thought I'm not the only "gaijin" in the house...there have been several times where Masaaki definately felt like a fish out of water! It is good to be online in our home....missed reading your blog!!!