Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The road much less travelled - Kimimachi Park

We spent Thurs looking around the local area at places that I mostly hadn't been to.  There are a multitude of minor sights in Akita, but the distances between them (and the total lack of signage in many cases) makes them totally off the tourist circuit, and  I suspect perhaps they are mostly visited only by people in the very local area.
The pictures below are of Kimimachi Park just off Highway 7 near Futatsui  - now part of Noshiro city. The weather at this time of year is about a month behind Tokyo and the sakura were about a day passed full bloom.
Looking down to the river from Kimimachi Park

Kimimachi Park

In the car park a tunnel that used to be used for the Ou train line.

The same tunnel, but with sufficient perspective to get
a sense of how very small the trains must have been.
http://www.akitafan.com/en/sightseeing/detail.html?data_id=6    This is a sightseeing guide of the park - it's the first time I have seen this website.  English information on Akita is very limited.


Lily said...

Wow- I wish i knew about that place. I have had to stay in Noshiro a couple of times and it scored high in the worst places I have been to catergory- an arm pit, make that two sweaty armpits. Nice to see that my impression was perhaps wrong.

Cecilia said...

There are a lot of pretty gems - it's just that they are totally not signposted... it's bizarre.

Despite 5 I think trips of being near or in the Shirakami sanchi, It's never done my way! Fair enough since I am not driving there... but I really want to go and have a leisurely look around there.....