Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Shingo - the mystery pyramid

On the Towada-ko side of Jesus' tomb is another mystery - also discovered by the same people who discovered the mystery of Jesus' tomb - the mystery of the ancient pyramids.  These pyramids predate the Egyptians & ones found in Mexico....  (most likely because they are rocks that are  tens of thousands of years old....  ) According to the mystery though they are man made.

Again this site gives good information  about the historical oddities.  
I am not a fan of deliberately concocted history, but  it's a beautiful area - and on that merit alone worth a visit.

An explanation in Japanese about the pyramids

A map showing the location of the two pyramids -
the  upper great pyramid and and the great pyramids

A shrine marking the great rock pyramid.
Climbing up to the upper pyramid - beware the bees,
the mamushi snake and bears... 

Starting the climb with some disintegrating stairs

Looking down from the path

The pyramid ... I am not convinced it was man made...
 I exclaimed to Hiro - as I was almost to the top - "there is nothing remotely man made here".
He assured me there was... see picture below...

In true Japanese style coins placed on the rocks

despite my cynicism about concocted history, I love the nature here.

I think this is beech forest

Mirror rock

Near mirror rock

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Dennis Stauffer said...

I too visited this site in Japan. While serving in the USAF, 1961-1964,we read a book about this story. We decided to take a Saturday trip to the site. This was in 1963. We took the train from the town of Misawa south. We ended up in the town os Shinso. We actually were able to fine a cab driver that knew where we wanted to go. He said that the plans were in the making to build a highway to the site. When we arrived, we went up a path to the grave site. My pictures look a lot different than the ones in this article. At the foot of the path was a pole with the Star of David on it along with some Japanese writing that said The Grave of Jesus Christ. It was a well kept area. At the top of the path were two mounds, one with a sign that said , The Grave of Jesus Christ and the other saying The Grave of Jesus's brother. There were also 2 large signs, one in Japanese and the other in English, telling the story. I have many slides of the site. We also went to the site of the pyramids. I can not remember how far, but we could walk to the site. I also have pictures of this site. The sign at the site said that they were rocks like the rocks used to build the ancient pyramids. In our group were an AF chaplain, our base interpreter and several enlisted airman. We had a great time and all being born again christians, found it interesting. The taxi driver said that some of the elderly town folk were said to have Jewish physical characteristics. This was over 50 years ago and it's hard for me to remember all of the trip. Just recently I was teaching 6th graders abot Japan and it brought back memories. I was looking at online maps and saw the Name Shingo and I began researching my story that lead me to this site.