Friday, 10 September 2010

Summer holiday biking

Chubu mapHiro and  I are back from 6 days or so biking around central Japan.
From Tokyo - Nagano - Renge Onsen - Noto Hanto - Kanazawa  - Aikura (Gokkayama) - Shirakawago - Takayama - Matsumoto - Tokyo.  Six days, 1300km, 9 prefectures.
Most of the places we went were new to me and out of the ordinary for Hiro - his business trips usually take him to major urban centres or rural Kyushu, Tohoku or  Hokkaido.

This is our approximate route. We used expressways from Tokyo to Nagano and from Matsumoto to Tokyo, otherwise we used mountain roads. You can get some idea of the terrain from the map at the bottom - lots of mountains!


.aRcticFox. said...

wow!!! friends and I are part of the AYP Gold's just something that enhances teens to do more services, learn more things and for the expedition part, we chose it to be in matsumoto ><!!
Luckily I found you!!

We live all the way from HK and making our ways to matsumoto in mid Oct.
We need to plan a 4 days 3 nights camp+hiking...

It would be fantastic if you could give me some detail, route and stuff!!! Cause unfortunately, non of us know Japanese and are having a hard time finding a good route passing a few peaks in those 4 days!!

Please help!!



Cecilia said...

Have you seen the Lonely Planet Hiking Guide. It has good hiking guides to the Japan Alps. The Alpine Route is also good if you want to do hiking.
This link to Japan-guide's site is very good.