Friday, 24 September 2010

Kanazawa, the castle, samurai district, and the Oyama Shrine.

We made a decision in the morning to stay only the one night in Kanazawa.  We had been thinking about a second night but weather reports showed a typhoon approaching with a path that would take it directly over Kanazawa.  Since we were travelling by motor bike we took heed.  
From Kenrokuen we walked across the road to the Castle Park where the castle has been restored with great attention to detail. From there we went to the old samurai quarters and onto the Oyama Shrine before heading off to towards Shirakawago via Toyama prefecture.

The samurai district with its prominent canals reminded
me in someway of Suzhou, China.

The Samurai district

The Oyama shrine - the stained glass in the window is a feature
point of the shrine.

The garden within the shrine precinct.

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