Monday, 13 September 2010

Road trip continued - a curiousity - quintessential self service

In Tokyo, at least in this part of Tokyo, petrol stations aren't self service. In some places there are no petrol bowsers,   (gas pump is the US English for gas pump) just the handsets coming down from the roof  but there are always attendants.   The same tends to be true of the Tohoku & Joban expressways.

On our travels we found most petrol stations were  seriously self serve: petrol stations where you could put your money in and get change directly (something I have seen a few times previously), and for the first time I came across petrol stations where the bowser printed a receipt that you took to a machine inside which would scan, accept payment & give change.  There was no real need for a person at all.....

Maybe this is run of the mill stuff in the wider world. ... but  it was the first time I'd seen it.  No wonder unemployment is so high in rural areas....
Take the receipt from the bowser, scan the bar code
 in the machine inside, insert cash or card, get change.

Courtesy rubber gloves and tissues

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