Friday, 17 September 2010

Noto Hanto - across the top

Near Rokkozaki  lighthouse

Salt making is one of Noto Hanto's traditional industries

Window rock
Biking along

Onions outside a home in Wajima machi
Rice harvested and hung to dry

Senmaida stepped rice fields on the north coast of Noto Hanto.
Noto Hanto is very hilly with few large flat rice fields, making
it hard to plant and harvest by machine.  Hand farming is great for
tourism, but a tough life.  I wonder how much of it will remain in twenty years.

A settlement in Wajima machi. Conspicuous concrete reinforcement on the
coastlines gets a lot of flack from foreigners.  The construction companies have an
undeniable vested interest in making concrete jetties, and seawalls. The
number of concrete toori (gates making a Shinto shrine) in the water
left me wondering if there was a god of concrete... undoubtedly.
That said though, driving through these low lying villages that
are only just above sea level,  I think I would feel safer in a storm knowing that
there was a sea wall barrier set out 50m from the coast.
One such seawall - built in the centre of the bay it gives protection to
boats and to the village.


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