Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Idiocy reigns... time to re read Kafka

Interrupting this trip report for a whinge...

Today I was chastised at work for putting rubbish in the rubbish bin.

I kid you not.

A see through plastic bag with the offending rubbish was waved under my nose  as I was told - this is your rubbish  - my name clearly visible on exam papers (university requirement that our name goes on the test paper).

There are 2 bins in the staffroom.  One is burnable, one is cans/ bottles.

I put 3 unused exam papers, 2 unused test papers and about 8 pages of summer holiday homework sheets in the burnable rubbish bin on the last day of last semester.

They were all blank, no student names, no issues of privacy.
There was no issue with the naughty foreigner disrespecting the rubbish sorting regime.

The issue was - I put rubbish in the bin (there is no recycle paper box). Period.  A paper cup and tea bag were retrieved from the bin and in a separate bag (couldn't be pinned on me definitely & I didn't let on that they were mine....)

I politely suggested perhaps if we can't use the bins, it might be worth removing them from the staffroom so as not to confuse people.    The suggestion wasn't appreciate.

To be fair to the person charged with chastising, he also was somewhat bemused with the directive - particularly after I asked where I should put rubbish in future. (Take it home ? )

It's time to reread Kafka.

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