Friday, 17 September 2010

Noto Hanto - and down the other side... to Kanazawa

The pictures that follow are of the Kongo Coast down to Chirihama driving beach.  The Kongo of Kongo Coast according to an information sign there gets its name from Mt Kongo in North Korea because of geographical similarities.  Since Mt Kongo in North Korea is inland bordering China, I am curious to know more about the similarity.  Alas there aren't a whole lot of North Korea photos on the internet to find out...

Kongo Coast



Food stalls on the beach

Chirihama beach.
This is a beach and road.
I expected it to be grotty, and expected that having cars driving
along a beach would give me ecological angst...
but it was remarkably pleasant.  It was late afternoon of a
hot Sunday and there weren't many people. But the
people who were there had driven down and were having
BBQs on the beach - all with mochikaeri (take it home with you)

Sunset in Kanazawa

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