Sunday, 19 June 2011

Seasonal foods

From front left Vie de France gobo (burdock root), pickled plum & shiso bread, pickled cucumbers, beans, a cabbage, a lettuce, a simmered dish of takenoko (bamboo shoots), fuki (butterbur), dried herring, mushrooms & not sure what else,  asparagus, fried tofu, pickled radish, & shitake.

This week we had a convergence of Hiro's mother sending a care package (she knows Hiro doesn't get much from me!) ,  Hiro taking a business trip to Fukushima and me going shopping...  The food  in the picture is mostly from Hiro's mother (not the bread).   The cabbage, lettuce and tofu Hiro brought back from Fukushima.  He has been going up for work trying to help farmers with support schemes. It's a very difficult situation for them.   The other day in Akabane we saw Fukushima asparagus - most shops are selling nothing from there though.
There is a lot of food in the fridge...I don't need to shop again this week.


Theresa said...

Those are awfully attractive asparagus, and a generous quantity. I want to caress them with olive oil and good Noto peninsula sea salt and a few vigorous grinds of pepper and roast them until just tender. I have asparagus envy.

Cecilia said...

I'm a bit of a butter fan - but these went the Japanese way - steamed & with mayo..... sacrilege. I like them with butter and garlic and pepper...
I love the veges they send... but I don't have the temperament to grow them myself..
I love your food ideas.