Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Firoz Mahmud - original art

Lily was in town on the weekend. An art exhibition curator by training, it's a joy to go to galleries with her.  We passed by the Pyramid building in Roppongi and stumbled an exhibition by Firoz Mahmud - a Bengali artist who was exhibited in the Nagoya triennale. The pictures all centred around a theme of war.  Between independence, partition, and colonization the recent history of Bangladesh has been chequered by war.  The theme was brought into the contemporary era with fighter planes... made out of lentils and other base foods of Bangladesh.  With more than 1.3 billion dollars spent on the military in Bangladesh, the messages was pretty clear.  Though the exhibition was small, it was quite remarkable, the contemporary fighter planes juxtaposed against a historical backdrop....traditional mosaics but with a contemporary social message. ... my kind of exhibition. 

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Kaley said...

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