Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A good luck story!

Tonight the phone rang at 10.45.
The first thought was ...oh no Hiro's been calling my mobile & I haven't heard it.
It was Hiro, calling as he leaves work - as per custom.
But he hadn't been calling my mobile....
Sheepishly he admitted he'd lost his phone (with my mobile no. in it).
Sheepish because usually I lose things and he finds it both incomprehensible and exasasperating.

"No worries, it'll turn up".... something that has become a mantra for me...
I tried calling it, but no answer.
5 mins later I get a call from it.

He'd left it in a taxi after a meeting in Kasumigaseki.
The taxi driver by chance was in our general area.
he kindly offered to drop it off.
I met the taxi driver at our nearest station.
I have the phone, Hiro's still 15 minutes from home.

What a good guy the taxi driver was.

It's made my week.


Melrohs said...

The same thing happened to me after being dropped at Melbourne Airport by taxi on my way home to Canberra.

The taxi driver called my husband who called my work mate who told me to run back to the drop off zone.

I got my phone back before they even started calling my flight!

Restores your faith in humans and the balance of the world!

Cecilia said...

Wow! What a great story.