Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Do it again - the final installment & the new campaign

This was the last of the Please do it again manners series on the train.
Perhaps it was too bright in the post earthquake sobriety, more likely it had run its course. The campaign was never quite as eyecatching as the  do it home. campaign but it did have its moments where the "manner"  

Despite the rumours of tremendous civility in Japan, it appears manners have yet to be conquered, as the new campaign attests.   The new series uses dogs and the slogan "I've seen a person like this" / "I have seen this person".  I  missed the first one, not realizing it was a manners campaign - it's not unusual for me to miss the point of ads here - even Hiro sometimes has no idea what ads are for...
The message is tailored to the season in this case - rainy season - have you seen a person who gets onto a train and shakes water everywhere?   The message at the bottom "Please be careful that your umbrella doesn't drip onto others."  Indeed.


Elizabeth said...

You haven't been on a Sydney bus lately :

Cecilia said...

Wow! They are so in your face.
Have the manners improved?