Wednesday, 21 April 2010

To futon or not

It's one of those days...
Yesterday it rained.  Today looks overcast, and yet there is sun peeking through the clouds.

The forecast says scattered clouds, 16 degrees.  The forecast for the rest of the week says rain till Sunday,

And so, to hang out the futons or not?

There are rules about futon hanging - futons shouldn't be hung out before 10.  More importantly they must come in before 2pm; a futon out after 2pm is essentially a public admission of slovenliness as moisture will enter the futon.     I've asked about whether the summer rules are different from the rules for winter, when the days are shorter, but the question is invariably met with a puzzled look.... an idiosyncratic question perhaps...

Ideally futons should be hung out once a week at the very least.

But.... hanging out a futon on a day when it rains shows exceptionally poor housekeeping skills, and it would be difficult to meet the gaze of a neigbour after that kind of slip up.
And so... what do do?

Overcast but not raining?   Rain for the rest of the week....

To futon or not?

Easiest solution.  Check whether the reliable housekeepers of the apartment building have theirs out and do the same! :)  Their weather reports always seem more accurate than mine!

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