Monday, 19 April 2010


The bus from the end of the walking track took us back to Kofu station.
We were doubly luck. There was a festival of sorts on, which made the castle much more lively that it would usually be, futhermore we were lucky enough to be at the station in time to catch a Yamanashi holiday express - which functions as an express, but still allows seishin juu hachi kippu ticket holders to board.

                                                The remains of Kofu castle

Kofu looking south east
Historical reinactments at Kofu castle
Mt Fuji competes with advertising...

Festival at Kofu castle
An express home ... very nice...
I had seen nothing in the seishun 18 info that mentioned this train - sheer and unexpected bliss :)
No changing trains before Shinjuku and no need to stand.

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