Monday, 5 April 2010


Hanami, the venerable Japanese custom of picnicing under cherry blossoms  frequenly while consuming an excess of alcohol,   was in full swing in Tokyo on the weekend.  It was cool but the weather was kind to Japanese hoping for a hanami lead economic upturn for the new financial year. 

We neither picnicked nor consumed alcohol excessively, but we did enjoy the blossoms.  It's a great excuse for a picnic that gets people out into the sunshine and being sociable. 

Pictures below of some of Tokyo's more famous hanami places: Ueno, Yanaka, Asukayama, Zozoji, and  Chidorigafuchi - near the imperial palace. 

Yanaka Cemetery

Yanaka Cemetery

Ueno Park
Ueno Park

Efficient looking tables at Ueno

Minding seats days ahead... a practice that used to be frowned upon...
At least the tarpaulin is there for anyone else to use in the mean time.
Ueno Park
Asukayama Park Oji
Zozoji temple in Hamamatsucho - Tokyo Tower in the background
Zozoji temple in Hamamatsucho

Sakurazaka in Azabudai - Akasaka (behind the ANA)
Sakurazaka and the ANA
Kita no Maru Park - Chidorigafuchi

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