Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Shosenkyo - rock formations

We followed the track that runs along side the gorge past bridges, a vegetable patch, shrines, a temple and soba shops.  There were a few cars around, the track will be closed to cars on weekends in a couple of weeks until the end of autumn, and a few other walkers.   Inexplicably, most people walking were opting to go uphill.... unsurprisingly perhaps, they seemed oblivious to the beauty as they pushed upwards.  Towards the end of the path, when the battery and memory card were low, the river was full of intriguing rock formations.   I remember being in Yixing in China and the guide was pointing out 'rabbit rock',  'dragon rock' , 'bear rock' and I could't make out any of them.  Japan too has a tendency to find similarities between the form of rocks and other objects, and there were signs marking 'big budha rock', 'cat rock', among others.
Hiro could see the similarities  immedicately. But for the first time I remember, I could make out most of them too.  There is a rock quiz following, of the non musical variety.
 :) A is tricky.  D requires Japanese cultural knowledge.

Rocks in the gorge
Rocks in the gorge

What is it A?
Hint - it's an animal
What is it B?
Hint - it's food.

What is it C?
Hint - it is neither an animal nor food.
What is it D?


1. Camel rock (the head is the LHS rock - with the humps on the RHS)
2. Tofu rock
3. Canon rock
4. Eboshi rock  (a traditional Japanese hat)

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