Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Shosenkyo Gorge

Back down the ropeway, which looks down on the Arakawa dam, to the town at the bottom, aptly named Shosenkyo taki ue. (above the waterfalls of Shosenkyo). The town seems to owes its existence to the ropeway;  the shops mostly sell locally mined crystals to tourists.   As we weren't looking to buy crystals, we made our way to the walking track that runs beside the river through Shosenkyo Gorge. Despite being early spring, and lacking in foliage, it was quite beautiful; there was an elegant pink blossom, that I have on good authority is a type of bauhinia, which added colour to the path.
  (which I suspect is really quartz. They did have clear crystal too.)
A crystal shrine

Behind the waterfall

People often leave small coins in mountain
crevices  or other places that are
deemed spiritual.
Shosenkyo Gorge

Rocks in Shosenkyo Gorge.
Bauhinia blossoms

          In a small clearing by the river, a high fence has been put
around a vegetable patch to keep out wild pigs.

Pink bauhinia blossoms by the river
Shosenkyo foliage

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