Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Manji chan and breaking the golden rule

I broke the cardinal rule of illegal bike parking...
I got to the station as the train was pulling in ... 6 text books, 2 folders and student homework in my overweight bag... needing to do photocopies before class  I made a split second decision to park my
bike alone... by itself... not hidden in the safety of a cluster of illegal bicycles.  Photocopies had to be done....

And so when I returned at close to midnight after visiting a friend who has moved to the depths of Saitama,  I shouldn't have been suprised to see the bike had gone.

Usually the manji move it.  This time they stole it.


Lugging the books home, via the supermarket.... what a drag...

When I picked up my bike from the manji's confiscation area today, and paid a fine, I told them the girl who was dismembered in Hiroshima might be alive if she rode her bike home rather than walking...

They didn't care... I am sure they hear it all the time.

Next time..   golden rule for bike parking..... and perhaps it's metaphorical for Japan.

Safety in numbers !!!!!!!


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