Thursday, 3 April 2014

The way up (2) Aizu-Odate

Near Yamato in Fukushima

Not so many people, but not empty either

Quite a few stations have "hiking guides" on the platform.

Plenty of snow on the mountains near Kanose
Near Kanose

Tsugawa Station

Walking around Tsugawa

Waiting for the train coming from the opposite direction at Tsugawa

Between Tsugawa (Fukushima) and Mikawa (Niigata)

The snow has melted, but the green yet to emerge.

The Inaho 7 train
The Uetsu line between Murakami and Fuya

Between Murakami and Fuya

The sun going down on the Japan Sea

Getting close to Sakata, rice field country.

The sun setting near Yuza machi

Changing to the Akita bound local train at Sakata

The last leg... Odate bound.

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