Thursday, 3 April 2014

Seishun 18 Spring 2014: The way up (1) to Aizu

An early start.. Akabane, Utsunomiya, 

At Utsunomiya - the train for Kuroiso

I could have gone a standing soba, but it was too early in the day

The train to Koriyama. It was a relief to have Koriyama as a terminal station.
Had it been a through train to Fukushima there'd have been a danger of falling asleep and sleeping through the stop.
Thanks to the world from Fukushima

The Ban'etsu line - not the steam train variety!

From Koriayama it was the Ban'etsu line. There is still a reasonable amount of snow. This part of Japan gets some of the heaviest falls, 3m + in winter.


And more snow


Aizu is somewhere I want to spend a little time in. It's a historic city &
the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the Boshin War, the war that 
"restored" Japan to imperial rule.

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