Sunday, 6 April 2014

The food

The last of last year's plum wine.

The food is always good, particularly now that Hiro's mother avoids horsemeat, raw eggs (actually she cooks mine) grated mountain potato, and sticky things from the sea while  I'm there. I will eat all of the above except for raw eggs, but I prefer not to.  We had a feast the last night - none of which I prepared other than a lame attempt to cut the mango.

 Yellowtail (aji) sashimi with daikon and shiso

 Hiro's mother bought the whole fish and sashimi-ed it.
Fruit and vegetable salad. I found Thai mangoes at the local Aeon relatively cheaply; they were too good to go past. Note the contrast in the cuttting  - no prizes for guessing who cut the mango compared with who cut the kiwifruit...

Potato and macaroni salad - it sounds bizarre but was very good.

Udo - a local mountain vegetable with miso

Tempura - shitake, eggplant, udo, sweet potato and another mountain 
vegetable I forget the name of.   

 Blogger is doing unhappy things with formatting and uploading these days. I can't seem to fix the wonky captions.

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