Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Thursday's food

 My food challenge has come somewhat unstuck...  I have a cold, little voice and am feeling sorry for myself; furthermore Hiro is going to be away a few days this week for work.  I started  last Thurs taking pics and will put up what I have.

Breakfast is the main meal of the day and is much more like dinner food than most people eat - even here.  Hiro gets home too late and at times that are too irregular to have dinner as the main meal.  The aim of breakfast then is to have food that is able to be pulled out quickly - often I make it the night before - and is suitable for leftovers for evening meals.  I also try to get as much nutrition as possible into breakfast - Hiro usually takes two  onigiri (rice balls) for lunch.  Depending on the time he gets home he may eat a bit or a lot. I eat before he gets home.

Thursday breakfast


1. Pork and vege stirfry (cooked the night before)
2. broccoli (cooked the morning before)
3. Mystery chinese vegetable (cooked the morning before - I don"t remember the name of it -  it was the first time I have bought it)
4. Asparagus shoots with dried bonito flakes
5. Daikon pickles which Hiro's mother makes and sends from time to time.

Non left overs
1. Rice
2. Miso soup (left over veges - brocoli stalk, negi (kind of half way between a chive and leek) The picture is of the miso soup in progress)

pork and vege stirfry

daikon pickles

miso soup - the makings

brocoli and mystery veg - put into the one container as left overs

the mystery veg in its previous incarnation

asparagus shoots with dried bonito flakes
Thursday dinner - Hiro was home quite late.  I made some simmered pumpkin and there was left over rice but most of the pumpkin was left over for Fri breakfast.

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