Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Friday's food

Friday was a lazy breakfast, a slide into the weekend.  Hiro was home late Thurs, so the amount of food needed is less. 
Carried over from the day before

Daikon pickles
Simmered pumpkin.

Fresh Fri rice and soup

Shiso seed pickles - from Hiro's mother (should have been on the table yesterday... they last quite a while.)

Natto (fermented beans - a Japanese breakfast staple - bought from the supermarket as is - very sticky)

Seaweed (I forget which seaweed this is - wakame I suppose -  it's sticky and goes on rice - not my taste.. a texture thing, again straight from the supermarket.)

Spinach (the korean sesame recipe that I posted the other day except I forgot to put the onion in, ;( )

Miso soup

I passed on the natto & wakame had some yoghurt instead.

Friday night

Nikujaga - a meat  and potato, onion, carrot, pea stew kind of thing that I forgot to take a picture of....
Left over rice.

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