Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Pork and Veg stirfry

A very quick and easy dinner

thinly sliced pork  (we are on a pork eating campaign since the Japanese govt. has intervened with extra subsidies to keep pork farmers afloat - for the non pork eaters that read this, chicken would work reasonably well, beef may be ok too.)

1 carrot - I cut it into kind of rectangular thin slices rather than circles or julienne, but whatever is ok
1 negi (the green onion between a leek and shallot ) regular onion would work so would half a leek
1 bunch of nira - garlic chives I think - flat leaved grassy green vege

3 Tbsp soy
2 Tbspn mirin
1 sake
3 Tbsp white sesame seeds
grated ginger

Marinate meat in seasoning
Chop veges
stirfry veges in sesame (or vege) oil  - add carrots first, then negi and nira till half cooked.
push to the side
cook meat
mix together with veges,
pour remaining seasoning on top,
cook till done.

the picture is in the food challenge section.

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