Monday, 8 September 2014

Up in Akita: Hanaoka, Yuze Gorge, Goshogake

The summer in Akita was rather sedately spent. I did go somewhere new a short walk along Yuze Gorge but for the most part we went to places I know reasonably well.  Lots of grave visiting... 3 graves in Odate and 4 in Kita Akita city.  It takes up the best part of a day. Other than that we took Hiro's nieces to Hanaoka to the Peace museum - it seemed apt considering the end of the war anniversary.  We also took Hiro's aunt from Tochigi to Goshogake and Yuze.
Next year Dakigaeri Gorge, which I haven't been to, and Kosaka, which I haven't been to for years are on my to do list.

Yaki-kit kats - kit kats designed to be cooked!
It followed the great yaki-niku cook off.
Hiro, who has Japanese, Aus, and perhaps US meat grading
qualificications,  likes putting on a taste test to compare
various types of meat. I didn't take a picture of the meat...

The Hanaoka Peace Memorial

A shrine near Yuze gorge

Hiro's aunt drinking water from the spring near the gorge

Beware Bears and Bees...
In this area, I'd take take a bear sign seriously.

The walking path marked with fireflies.

Walking to Hachimantai station -
a short and very easy walk

Yuze Gorge and the Yoneshiro River which
runs through Hiro's uncle's rice farm much further downstream
... stunningly beautiful, though there are a few houses around.

Goshogake.  We went last year as well, but I love it.
Hiro's aunt from Tochigi was up & hadn't been there for

Appreciating Goshogake


Andrew Wright said...

Yaki Kit-Kat. Sounds like a homonym is required here! :)

Cecilia said...

It was a great disappointment...
But unless you try you never know... even if you have a pretty good idea...

Andrew Wright said...

After the soy sauce flavoured Kit-Kats I'm too scared (though the Ginger Ale flavour was brilliant, as are the special Chugoku/Shikoku limited citrus versions from last trip).