Monday, 8 September 2014

The end of summer and hiyashi chuka recipe.

The last two nights in Akita we needed kakebuton (top futon). It was cold, and I lamented being shortchanged a week of summer... 
Back to Kanto and I started to make hiyashi chuka   (cold Chinese noodles literally, however I don't think I ever saw anything like it in China.)  with a vengeance.  It didn't work, and the the summer slipped away more quickly than you can say aki aji.  (autumn taste).


Hiyashi chuku - ramen type noodles, with cucumber,
grilled chicken, brocoli, tomatoes, green onions and
hiyashi chuka dressing poured over the top.

60ml water 
3tbsp rice vinegar
2tbspn soy
2 tbspn sugar
2 tbspn ponzu  (if no ponzu - bought easily in the shops here -  adding lemon juice would probably work if you didn't want to go to the effort of making your own)
1 tbspn sesame oil.

Mix and pour over noodles.
Aki aji beer

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