Saturday, 6 September 2014


The Hayabusa and Komachi about to go their separate ways at Morioka.
A farmers' market in Odate
It's pretty small scale

Decorations for Obon graves.
They are threaded fruit (can't remember the name) that
look like Juzu (buddist prayer beads) and in this
part of Akita are commonly
put on graves at Obon.  Soy beans on the right.

A quiet day at the monthly markets.
Buckets of flowers, lucky there are so many graves...

Pumpkins, sweet potato, garlic, zenmai, and mushrooms as well.

Myoga and Warabi

Things were busier in JA Odate

Despite it being mid August, hydrangeas were still out.
It's a very different climate zone...

Odate's 大舘 daimonji burning on the hill outside the city.
 The idea comes from Kyoto,
but it suits Odate because the  character大 is the first character of  Odate. 

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