Saturday, 6 September 2014

The summer

The summer holidays are going very quickly; the summer has already gone.  The first part of August was spend moving house - from a bourgeois part of a non-bourgeois neighbourhood to a very non-bourgeois part of a slightly more bourgeouise neighborhood.

No sooner had we moved than were were off to  Akita for Obon, and then to Biwa ko for a week of summer intensive classes.  Back in Tokyo it's time to get better acquainted with the new local area.

The new neighbourhood has smaller, fewer and more expensive supermarkets, oddities such as a rabbit salon, and the second hand shop here markets itself as vintage rather than the hodge-podge of old smelling clothes, aged florescent lights and  plastic drawers that characterized the old place.

It's quite a bit noisier here, and no closer to the station,  but so far we can open the windows and get a cross draft without aircon in front blasting hot air straight at us.  In this respect a definite improvement.
A rabbit clinic????

A designated area... I guess that means smoking on the street is less acceptable.

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