Friday, 31 August 2012

Back in Tokyo

Three days in Niigata with Lily and it was back to Tokyo.
Niigata was hot and unlike Odate the nights were hot too.  
Arriving back in Tokyo I dropped into the supermarket.
The incongruity of new season Autumn displays in what was still summer heat was perplexing.
It still feels like summer, but there is no stopping the seasons...
Seishun 18 ticket Niigata-Tokyo

Rice and high voltage power lines.

There was no aircon working in the carriage.  JR was good and
kept making announcements to move to another carriage,
but the almost empty stifling hot carriage was more peaceful than
the crowded airconned carriages.  It was pretty tiring though -
between the heat and 3 days with Lily's genki  boys I slept much of
the way between Nagaoka and Minakami - a pity really since it's
the prime scenery of the route...

Between Niigata and Nagaoka

Autumn beer
Autumn food - chestnuts, curry, mushrooms, sweet potato...


Rurousha said...

Ja, there's a severe disconnect between the reality outside and the food selection in the supermarkets.

This must've been the hottest week of the summer in Tokyo, but higurashi cicadas have started singing and last night I heard a cricket, so ... maybe the bugs and the shops know something I don't know?

Gorgeous photos. I can never get enough of this scenery. You are herewith given permission to publish more! :)

Cecilia said...

And the clothes section of departments stores... I took PIL to Mitsukoshi for food porn today, we bought bentos and went to the 9th floor to eat them. On the way back down the women's sock section only had autumn / winter socks.... MIL was very disappointed. H&M are fortunately a bit more in synch with the season as is....

I took pictures of cicadas the other day & thought of you. I can never see them but PIL are avid cicada spotters... the talents some people have. If they photos are any good I'll post them.

MIL has a pedometre - we walked 18km today... not a bad effort for being 73 & 75 (and not so bad for lazy me either...)

Am looking forward to a stiff drink & good company on Fri :)

Rurousha said...

18 km?! (@_@) I need a stiff drink just to process that!

Cecilia said...


10km the day before and 9km the following today. They left today and I slept for 2 hours...

18km day was (train) Ueno-Ameyoko-Akiba- (train -> Suidobashi) Koishkawa Korakuen (train->Tokyo)Tokyo, Marunouchi,Yurakucho, Ginza, Hibiya, demonstration - Hiro's mother wanted to do "hantai" Kokkai gijido, Toranamon (by accident) Kasumigaseki, Yurakacho, well deserved Ume shu!)

No straight lines - all meanderings.. :)