Saturday, 25 August 2012

Summer garden

If spring is miuntain vegetable seson it's probably fair to say that summer is the season of the 'hatake' or vegetable patch. Hiro's parents' vegetable patch seems to epitomize plants' rights. It's a highly productive garden which supplies them and several of their neighbours with plently of pickling material, but there is no sense that it should be weeded meticulously - just as well really as it would be a full time job for both of them...
Hiro's mother grows the veges which means that they don't need to buy much at the supermarket; Hiro's father the roses. It says more than a bit about their respective perspectives on life..
All of this is covered with snow for the winter.
A jungle - different types of beans, cabbage and other things I paid insufficient attention to...
Tomatoes just after I picked the ripe ones


Rurousha said...

Plants' rights? :D

How on earth do they control pests, or is Akita less humid and therefore, perchance, has fewer bugs?

I wish my balcony could look like that: a tangle of flowers and vegetables. Ah well. Some things are not meant to be. :(

Cecilia said...

There doesn't seem to be a problem with bugginess... not sure why. I don't think they really spray them, but I could be wrong. There's no humidity to speak of where I am from but flies in fruit is a huge problem. Akita doesn't seem to get flies - or cockroaches...

A balcony like that in Tokyo & you'd be asking for dengue fever!