Saturday, 14 April 2012

Life in Japan, a slide show

I have finally managed to compress this enough to upload. Last time I was at home I was asked to give a presentation on Life in Japan...I can't claim it's representative of other people's lives or perspectives but here it is...

Life in Japan


Rurousha said...

Oh! When did you take all these photos of my life? :D

Random comments:

1) The home-made bento looks nicer than the shop-made one. (You made it?)
2) No decent oven. Yes. Damnit.
3) No Sky Tree? :(
4) Great choice of photos! ^^

Cecilia said...

1) No! A friend made it on a picnic we went on... totally out of my league - and you're right it looks much better than the one from Tobu Asakusa, even with its cherry blossom chikuwa.
2)We didn't even have a microwave then... The talk was for the local Country Women's Association, hence the interest in the kitchen and interior.
3)The presentation was sprung on me... fortunately I had my external hard drive with me... but the photos on it are mostly a couple of years old. Some of the photos are scans of pictures my parents took 10 years ago (like the futon and the genkan in Akita) This was the extent of my skytree photos.... not very inspiring at this stage.

4) Arigato. The winter picture blew people away - snow on the road!!! No oven also had the avid bakers perplexed. But it was really difficult to choose which photos to put in...

Mrs.N said...

Sheesh...I'm catching up on my blog reading here and see you've posted some wonderful pictures!! I had to laugh at the "no oven" ...yes, people back in the states can't believe most homes here don't have an oven. Wonderful bento boxes! I love Japanese bento way better than I ever liked "sandwiches"!

Cecilia said...

It took me quite a while to reduce the file to a size where I could upload it. Japan lends itself to beautiful photos.
I hope all is well with you.

Tooki said...

I really enjoyed looking at life in Japan through your pictures. Was most impressed with the rice field art...fantastic!

Cecilia said...

Thanks Tooki.
The rice field art is amazing. It is so precise... I'm not quite sure how they manage it.