Saturday, 7 April 2012

before the blossoms

I cycled in to Ueno on Monday. The cherry blossoms were just about to come out.
Camellia in Yanaka
Shinobazu Pond
If my memory is right, Oshima Sakura -
a different species from most of the sakura in Tokyo.
Shugetsu sakura
Super organised around Ueno Park -
Recycling - burnable, non burnable, pet bottles & cans, bottles, vinyl plastic,
styrofoam and cardboard / paper.
Along the lake

Blossoms at the park entrance
Thanks to the sponsors
Plum blossoms in Ueno Park
Blossoms just starting to appear, lights all up in preparation
for hanami.
A year round reminder of hanami.
For an up to date look at the flowers and how much they change in a week, take a look at Rurousha's blog


Rurousha said...

Oh! Look! Even the garbage bins and the manhole covers are covered in cherry blossoms! ^^ I agree with you: this is a great place, especially in cherry blossom and lotus season.

PS: It doesn't matter how often I've seen it, every year I'm surprised by the sudden explosion of pink. Overnight.

Cecilia said...

I love the men playing chess etc, I love the grass.
I was there with my sister many years ago and a homeless man asked if we wanted him to take our photo. I was didn't hesitate to yes... my sister, hardened by years in Sydney gave me a WT...???? look. I love it in Tokyo how it doesn't occur to me that someone would steal my camera even if they're homeless. (mind you it wasn't a posh camera, but even so...)