Friday, 23 March 2012

yamagata and beyond


More snow on the way to Shinjo

Construction of a new highway
Fashion I didn't really get
Shinjo and transfer to the Rikuu sai line
The countryside between Shinjo and Sakata is stunning.
Change at Sakata to the Uetsu line to Akita city
Chokkai san can kind of sort of be made out a bit if you try hard.
Akita city change for Odate.
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Rurousha said...

You've made me miss snow country!

I know snow is cold and unpleasant and dangerous, but I can stare at snow landscapes (or photos) for hours. Although it must be tough to live there. Visiting, great. Living, phew.

As far as those shoes are concerned, errr, ummm, is that suitable snow gear?!

PS: I'm enjoying this series very much!

Cecilia said...

Arigato - snow is great - to look at!