Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Seishun 18 season

Seishun 18 season is here again, and tomorrow I am 
venturing north for Hiro's niece's graduation. I have checked the route and this is how it's looking.  From here to Fukushima.  From Fukushima to Shinjo (the Fukushima-Yonezawa stretch I haven't travelled before), Shinjo-Sakata, (also the first time to travel the Rikuu line), then from Sakata to Odate via Akita.   A long day of travelling - but hopefully interesting!  The timetable for the trip is below.  I may leave a little earlier if I can find anything of interest around Fukushima station.    The latest train I can catch leaves Akabane at 8.07am, but that would be cutting things very fine.

The "paint"  program that I have used to label the map is very unsophisticated, perhaps more to the point my use of it is very unsophisticated... & it's looking rather messy. I think I have all the labels right - noshiro should be higashi noshiro, but  after I couldn't get the text box for Odate to change size, I   decided not to worry about noshiro... 


Rurousha said...

My first reaction was, "No, you can't leave again, you've just come back!"

Then I remembered that I love reading your reports about your northern excursions. OK, you're allowed to go. :D Travel safely, take lots of photos and keep us updated!

Cecilia said...

You're very kind.
I am quite excited, just have to pack now!