Thursday, 11 August 2011

Saving power

There is a lot of effort being made to reduce electricity. Some of it is useful useful - aircon no longer blasting through open shop windows onto the street, toilet seat warmers switched off.  Some is counter-productive - I wonder how many computers will burn out from overheating in offices this year. Some is irritating - subways running at 80% capacity then being overcrowded, universities shutting early and not paying part time teachers (fortunately not me).   More that could be done - aircon ran in the corridors at the uni through July!!

Here are some summer images.
It's a different mood to last year
Subways have signs up explaining how they
are saving electricity.

On Waseda dori in Kudan - a roof top garden on a school -
keeping down the heat.

Waseda dori - a green curtain before they became
the essential household addition.

A sign outside Tokyo Science University explaining how
jets of mist keep the temperatures down.

The jets of mist in action.
Energy saving on campus
This hand drier has been disabled to save electricity.

"Green curtains" are being encouraged

Greenery really does keep it cooler - I should learn how
not to kill plants....

Starting to see more green space in car parks - there is much scope
for improvement.

All the aircon..... the antithesis of sustainably cool

The seat warmer is disabled because of electricity.

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